Sacred Harp is a four-part a capella singing tradition from the United States. It takes its name from the shape note book that we sing from.

Sing with us

We sing every Tuesday from 7–9pm. We are currently trying to secure a regular venue: check our calendar on the right or Facebook to find out where we are singing.

We sing every third Sunday from 2–4pm at St Anne's Church Hall, Easton, BS5 6JN.

Everyone is welcome. We are not a choir: no-one is in charge, we don't rehearse, and we don't perform. Everyone who attends sings, loudly and freely, for their own enjoyment. You don't need to be able to read music, although by singing with us you will naturally start to learn. Any week is good for you to begin — just turn up!


Lisa Grayson's beginners' guide (pdf) is an excellent introduction to how Sacred Harp singing works. is the main American website. UK Shapenote is the main UK site, and has a calendar of all of the regular singings.

You can buy a book from us if you come and sing with us. Or you can order one from the publishing company; shipping to the UK is subsidised so there is no extra cost.

To hear authentic old recordings of Sacred Harp, we recommend the 1959 United Convention and the 1980 First National Convention. The 2014 London All-Day Singing is a good example of current UK singing.